Happy 30th Birthday Wishes for 30 Years Old

One of the most important milestone for anyone is stepping into the thirties. 30 years of life is something when each and every person wants to look forward in terms of relation and profession depending upon the current situation. Most of the people are waiting for turning into this age as according to them it is the right time to start their marital life or have kids if not. Celebrating the Happy 30th Birthday, celebrations could not be the same as that of other birthdays. It is the age when you say goodbye to your teenage and entering into a proper adulthood. It could be easy to find a gift but it is quite hectic to find a proper wish for the day. Below you can see all relevant 30th Birthday Wishes or if you want to greet with a long wish then you can also send poems and sayings from some great inspirational people. It doesn’t matter your daughter, son, friend, husband, nephew, niece, colleague or anyone whom you cared more than your life is turning into the Thirties. It is time to let them feel your gratitude towards your loved ones by celebrating their 30th birthday party. But one thing to be kept in mind that never go to a HBD party without a greeting card with a sincere wish.

  • “So, the big day is here, the one you have dreaded since you turned 29. You are finally 30… and it isn’t so bad, after all. And it only gets better. Enjoy Your Day.”
  • “Hope your 30s will be as incredibly fun as your 20s… without the hangovers!”
  • “You’re 30 today, and that’s way too young to be old. So kick up your heels and dance!”
  • “At 30, youth is just beginning. Enjoy a new decade of fun.”
  • “Welcome to Thirty! The age when you should know better, but really don’t!”

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Best Happy 30th Birthday Quotes for Loved Ones

Happy 30th Birthday Quotes

A birthday without a greeting card is like a cake without candles.  But it is sometimes impossible to come up with right words to wish your wife or son or anyone. One of the most heart touching way to wish someone on his/her birthday is by wishing with a lovely poem. When you are wishing your daughter you should add a pinch of humor and wish her with our funny 30th birthday quote. Below you can find all relevant wishes, quotes, messages and poems for 30th birthday.

Stop worrying about your age. There’ll be many other problems to worry about in life after you turn 30.

Thirty is the time to really start living your life to the fullest, so that by the time you’re old you would’ve experienced life’s best.

You might think that turning 30 means your life will be cold now that you are old. Cheer up, these are the best years ever, or so I have been told!

30 is just a number that follows 29 and precedes 31. There is nothing wrong with it.

30 Yup, the big THREE-OH! have an awesome one!

Congratulations for turning thirty. From here on, life is less about knowing how old you’re and more about believing how young you feel.

At thirteen, you were officially a teenager. At twenty one, you were officially an adult. But at thirty, you’re unofficially old.

Turning 30 is an incredible milestone, and I am so glad to celebrate this important occasion of your life with you.

For 30 beautiful years, you’ve made this world a more pleasant place for all who love you.

May you keep on winning And party like a boss.

At 30, you suddenly become more responsible, more self-disciplined, more mature, more reliable, more grown-up: just like your parents.

Now that you are 30, you know what you’ve to do… start counting down to your 40s.

The countdown to your midlife crisis has just begun. Tick tock tick tock.

your special day that we are so excited to celebrate.

Happy 30th Birthday Quotes for Wife

A wife is the most precious person in one’s life after mother. She is the one who always stands by you in every ups and downs of life and never let you down. For the person who cared and loved you more than anyone in the world, deserves a heart touching wish on her thirtieth birthday. Below you can find Happy 30th birthday quotes for wife and chance to win her heart.

for Wife

Turning thirty is life’s way of telling you that the most beautiful phase of your life has just begun.

It does not matter how you’ve lived your life so far. What matters is how you’re going to live it from now on.

That small wrinkle on the face is in the right place as you celebrate the beginning of life’s race.

Turning thirty years old is a milestone that gives you a second chance to enjoy life while you still can.

Your future will be beautiful You have the ability to make it life will test you with challenges But You are also ready to take it.

Life’s too short to be lived counting the years. Just enjoy the ride and make awesome memories.

The secret of being happy in your thirties is quite simple – take each day as it comes.

Turning thirty is like driving down the freeway and seeing a welcome sign to the rest of your life. Enjoy your special day!

Look back on regrets and laugh them off, look forward to your dreams and pursue them with all your heart.

Relax, it is your day and nothing is going to change

Happy 30th Birthday Quotes for Son

A birthday is a right time to win your son’s heart by presenting him a with a wish from the deepest part of your heart as it is the time when he is struggling with life and trying to do anything to stand up on his feet. Don’t fondle around the internet for right words here we have posted some of our best Happy 30th Birthday Quotes for Son.

for Son

I’m so glad that I met you. Let this day be like no other day. I love you being near to me.

You turned thirty today. My congratulations! Let the happiness and joy settle down in your home.

Turning 30 is a reason to have a great party. You’re becoming more and more mature and smart.

Today you became one year wiser. Wish your dreams come true and your goals to be achieved! Enjoy your dirty thirty!

Son, may every dream and wish you have not only come true but also lead to an amazing future for you!

Try the best things in this life because it is only given once. Celebrate your Bday like you never did!

Dear, son! Now when you turned thirty it is just time to settle down. Let all the blessings of God come into your life!

My wonderful son, may your life always be in the company of love, peace and happiness. 

May all the happiness in the world be yours now and forever. Best wishes to a son who brings sunshine and light into my world.

you will always be my little slugger.

Happy 30th Birthday Quotes for Best Friend

Friends are a blessing and are the only reason to live life. A best friend is one who always be with you no matter what times you are going with. For such person, you cannot greet with just a simple wish on birthday. You must add some love and affection in your words for your wish. Below you can find such words for Happy 30th Birthday Quote for Best Friend.

for Best Friend

Some say that 30 is the new 20, so enjoy the day with family and friends knowing that you’ve the charm and style.

When you begin saying things that your parents used to say and doing the things they used to do, then you know you’re 30. HBD my friend.

Take a deep breath, take another, and blow out the candles already!

We are great friends! May this year be your Launchpad to the future success.

You’re like a sponge as a best friend. You soak up my emotions, joys, laughs and tears. I could not ask for a better friend than you, and hope that this day is truly special.

You’ve helped me through the good times and the bad, the laughs and the tears. I’m here to celebrate this special day with you.

Buddy, I cannot believe you’re actually in your thirties. Cheers to 3 decades of making this world a better place.

Your 20’s might have expired today, but you’ve something in your life that’ll never expire – our friendship.

to my best friend the one who laughs at my jokes and cries with me during my heartaches.

Inspirational & Sincere 30th Birthday Wishes for 30 Years Old

30th Birthday Wishes

Stepping into thirty is a milestone. This day is associated with greater responsibilities and leaving behind carefree lifestyle. On this day special celebration being made as it will never ever come again. The celebration starts with theme party, gifts being presented to the celebrant. Sincere and inspirational sayings and quotes being presented as birthday wishes on greeting cards. Nowadays greeting cards are being replaced by funny memes which is another way to greet someone. But greeting cards with a delightful wish always win celebrant’s heart. Here we are presenting our collection of best inspirational and sincere 30th birthday wishes.

HBD to the newly minted member of Club 30. Rock like you mean it.

20’s are probably a little overrated. 30’s are a lot more fun. Welcome to the fun decade.

30 is the midpoint between the carefree 20s and the solemn 40s. You could still choose to go either way. Enjoy this day.

Congratulations on three decades of savoring, gaining and growing life. May you’ve many more decades to come.

celebrations and things you like the best!

3 decades was just the right amount of time for you to become the amazing person you’re.

Warm thoughts and heartfelt wishes for someone special turning 30 today. Have fun on this day.

You made it! You are 30 today. Does not it feel great? Have fun.

Wishing you endless happiness and joy, may you enjoy your life as much as possible!

Welcome to 30. The age when you should know better, but really don't!

Goodbye 20s. Hello 30s. Do not worry. You are still you: powerful, beautiful and fierce. Have a wonderful birthday.

Now that you are 30: Live it; Love it and relish it.

You’re a great person and I hope you achieve the dreams of the previous 30 years and get all what you want.

Wishing you to have a beautiful life without bad moments!

at 30th you're old enough to look back and young enough to look forward.

30th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Whatever you have as child son or a daughter, your child is a blessing. Is your daughter turning into the thirties? You are wondering how to wish her on this special day. Don’t worry we have collected some best 30th birthday wishes for daughter which will definitely enlighten her day. Scroll down to see more.

for Daughter

I asked God to give me a daughter, but I never expected that my daughter would be such a brilliant. Love you, sweety!

I bless you with all of my heart to love the life you’ve now and keep on moving forward.

I do not like to think of you as a 30-year-old. For me, you’re just 18 with 12 years of life experience. Now that sounds more pleasing to the ears.

to our beloved, beautiful daughter!

Do not panic, it is just thirty! Wait until you get to forty!

I loved you then and I love you even more now that 30 years have passed.

Having you as a daughter is my greatest achievement. I could never have wished for a better daughter!

You are such a great person, I feel proud, grateful and blessed!

30th Birthday Wishes for Sister

One of the first friend a person makes in life is a sister. She is the one who always saves you whenever you are scolding bud mom or dad. Nothing in this world can replace a sister’s love. On her thirtieth birthday let her know how much important she is and how much you loved her by our 30th birthday wishes for sister.

for Sister

May your heart soar as you open yourself to the blessings this day will bring. You are not 30 years old today, Sis! Your 30 years young! Enjoy every minute!

I cannot believe you are 30! I strongly ask for a recount! There must be some mistake somewhere!

Everything about your Big Day today is perfect. The only problem is that your cake is not large enough to accommodate all your candles.

We may have been sisters by fate and luck, but there is no one else who I could love so much.

Dear sis, congratulations on turning 15 for the second time! Keep on rocking!

Dear sister, I want to congratulate you on another year of still being alive.

Siblings are good at keeping secrets, like who broke the lamp. So your real age is safe with me.

I love having you as a sister, and I love that you’re always going to be older than me.

You may turned thirty, but you still look so young that your age will never catch up with your beauty.

30th Birthday Wishes for Husband

After marriage, the person you know the most is your husband. The person for whom you left your house, left your family and start a new life with new people. He never let you down and always supports you to the righteous. For a person who loved and cared for you must have a great wish on his 30th birthday. Below you can refer to our collection of 30th birthday wishes for husband.

for Husband

You’ve reached your prime and I am so excited to experience this moment with you. Live it up and enjoy your birthday.

You’re my lover and my soul mate. You’ll always be my number one!

Let’s celebrate this special moment like there is no tomorrow.

I promise to do more for you, baby. I’ll do my best to make you the happiest woman on earth.

Love you for all the big and little ways you make our life together so great.

May this year bring you great laughter and joy. From the bright morning sun to the heavenly ever after.

My life is enchanting and charming as you may see when you’re with me. To the man who makes me feel like I’m at an oasis of the sea.

My happiness and wishes are always with you. All the love I’ve is true. When I think of what I want to say, it’s that I wish you a sweet Bday!

Life is full of happiness. We only have to do that to find them and that’s not that hard I think so.

I hope that our relationship will last forever. I love you and enjoy your special day!

Funny 30th Birthday Messages & Sayings

30th Birthday Messages

Thirty is just not an age is the beginning of an exciting but different chapter of life. For most of the people it is a turning point in their lives. It should be marked on calendar like other special events. On account of this day throw parties, invite your closest friends along with daughter and son. Celebration ideas should be unique and it will be wonderful if it is a theme party.

For a thirtieth birthday a delightful wish is more precious than any valuable gift. A 30th birthday message with an inspirational quote on a greeting card worth more than anything. You can also send poems and funny jokes and memes to your loved ones.

Everyone creates all this hype about turning 30 though it is the same as being in your 20’s… Well except that you look 10 years older and everything is a little less fun.

I hope the next phase of your life brings you more joy than last, because someone as special as you only deserves the best out of life.

May your day be full of magic moments, love, laughter, posh chocolates & pints of prosecco!

Stop worrying about all the years that have come and gone, get excited for all of the fun filled times that are just ahead.

The best years and achievements of life are about to come your way. May all of your wishes come true!

As you face mid-life crisis and all the unbearable things that come with being 30, I know you will face them all with a brave face, have fun.

Oh how time does fly, you’re now older than them. I hope you have achieved what you wanted to achieve so far.

The final countdown to your 40's has begun.

Now that you are in your 30s, you are actually nearer to the big 4-0 than the smaller 2-0.

Everything worth knowing I learned after I was 30. Here is to a decade of incredible wisdom.

Do not look so sad! Turning 30 isn’t so bad. It is actually pretty cool. And Yes, you’re officially old.

Wishing you nothing but the best on your third decade. May you continue to enjoy the rest of life.

May your life be like good wine tasty, sharp & clear.

Happy 30th Birthday Messages for Brother

It is true that brother’s mischief and wackiness makes your life a living hell. But you have admitted the fact that life without brother is colorless and no fun. To wish your brother on his thirtieth birthday we have gathered some best happy 30th birthday messages for brother around the web.

for Brother

Your first wrinkle is a sign of maturity, while your first grey hair is a sign that you need to buy some hair dye.

As you turn 30, may your heart know seldom than joy and love. Wishing you the best life has to offer as you continue your journey into a new decade.

You’re the ideal strides that I need to take after. Without you, my life would’ve been totally empty.

Sometimes you meet people who make you a better person… I love you, bro.

Turning thirty is a friendly warning for you.

I’ll ask my bank for a greater locker so I can stow away my greatest resource – which is YOU.

Do not despair because you’re 30 years old, rejoice because you’re 30 years wise!

If you have not figured out what you want to do for the rest of your life then dont worry, you’re on the right track!

You’re now considered to be a mature and responsible adult. But I am pretty sure you are an exception to the rule.

I want to tell you that I love you, I respect you, I care for you

Funny 30th Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

Is your boyfriend is having his birthday don’t let yourself stick to those traditional flat birthday greetings. Try to be funny and adopt some hilarious way to greet your lover on his special day. These are the moments which one never wants to forget. To make those moments unforgettable you should do every silly and hilarious thing to make his day by wishing him with funny messages. Below you can see our collection of some best funny 30th birthday messages for boyfriend which we have gathered all around the internet.

for Boyfriend

I am so glad I bumped into you one day! Today it is the day to celebrate this, too. 

To the man that I wish to hold forever in my heart.

To my boyfriend who turns fabulous 30 today. Sweetheart, may age 30 be as amazing to you as you’ve been to me.

You're the greatest gift I've ever had!

You’re the perfect combination of sensitive & dynamic in a man. HBD, I am so in love with you!

HBD to the most attractive, funny, charming and rocking personality in town.

Wishing a fabulously 30th bday to the one and only love of my life! Honey, may you always find the will to keep chasing your dreams. love you.

For the most handsome boyfriend in the universe