Happy Birthday Funny Quotes and Messages with Images

Looking for some happy birthday funny quotes? You’re at the right place. We have a huge collection of some funny bday wishes. And in this post, we are going to share best and short funny birthday messages in text and pictures form, which you can post on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Tumblr, or any other social media. Images are the best medium to convey your message to anyone, with all clarity, which the most positive thing on your special one’s birthday! Check out the list below and you will find happy birthday funny quotes for friends, sister, brother, cousin, dad, mom, you name it, Make your loved ones laugh on their birthday.

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Huge List of Happy Birthday Funny Quotes and Sayings

Happy Birthday Funny Quotes

I’ve prepared your birthday cake and then called the fire department to blow out the candles on your cake.

Earlier I wished that your entire wish comes true this year. Then I thought that if your all dreams come true this year. Then there’ll be no dream left for Next year.

You’re gradually getting to the top of the hill. It is better than being buried under it.

Do not worry about your home. I had already booked fire extinguisher, in case your bday cake catch fire. Love you, my old friend.

Another year has gone, but that does not mean you have become wiser.

Have you checked the number of candles on your birthday cake? You’ve to blow the entire candle by sniffing. Ha ha ha. Happy Birthday, Candle King!

Hey, can you blow out all these candles by yourself or should I call our local fire department to help you in this regard?

Quickly blow all the candle before the room catches fire. This huge amount of candle on the cake makes the room hotter. Happy Birthday, hottie!!

There’re plenty of years that I can remember for those history classes in our schools. But, the bad news is I cannot remember your birth date as it was not on our course. Maybe I’am late, but happy birthday.

I made a special cake for your Birthday. But, I can’t place Candles on it. If I place, I’ve to call the Fire department immediately to extinguish this huge firehouse.

The room is getting hotter, please blow the candles before your room gets on fire.

This SMS is free of cholesterol, extra fat, and additives. It’s totally organic, but it’s full of sugar. This SMS is as sweet as the person reading it. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

It is cold out there, but I feel much warm for your candles. How hot your birthday is.

At an age of 40, it is an achievement to remember where the keys are! Whether it’s In kitchen? In Toilet? in Bathroom? All the best for future! Happy Birthday to you!!

Too many birthdays means you’re getting closer to death. It is scientifically proven, not my own words.

On your Birthday I’ve a special wish. Smile while all your teeth are present! Congratulations!

Hey, though it is older, but yet it is not better yet. Have a wonderful birthday.

I got something special for you, which both of us love. Wooo! I ate it all on the way.

Your next all birthday compliments will include these words “for your age”. It is sad, but there is no way you can skip it.

Do not feel sad that you become one year older. Keep the chin up. You know what I mean. These Funny bday wishes are only for you. Have Fun!

If your candles cost more than your cake, then definitely you are getting older.

Best Friends are meant to share everything with each other. So, I’m celebrating and sharing your Birthday like, it is my own birthday. It’s the day of celebrating the day of Friendship! Happy Birthday buddy!

Do not blow the candles; the fire department is on their way to do this job.

It’s well said that time is the best healer, but it’s also a bad beautician and it’s proved in your case. Happy Birthday, Oldie Man/Woman!

Hope someday you will enjoy a delicious cake without any tooth.

The birthday when you do not want to remember it’s the day when you feel that you’re getting old. Happy Birthday my old friend!

I’m so lucky to have as a friend, who is Dam Hilarious, full of humor and so loving. Do not get so much flattered. I’m saying this because it’s your birthday. But, I’m not Faking Humor part! Happy Birthday, Buddy. Have a Happy and Funny Birthday my Friend.

Stop counting the candles on your cake. You still have teethes and Black hair. Stay blessed! These Funny Birthday wishes are only for you.

On this special day, my duty is to call the fire department when you will blow out those fifty candles. I’am ready.

On your Birthday, You’ll be having all personal crises or your will start wondering about the purpose of life. Do not worry it is just for one day of a year. You’ll be back to normal after one day.

Another year has gone, how fast the numbers of candles on the cake are rising.

Today I found a clown inside you! I’am just kidding! You bring so much of happiness in my life and you’re the most special person in my life. Wishing you a very happy Birthday.

Next year, arrange a big cake so that the number of candles fit on the cake easily. Wishing you a happy birthday.

A big Thanks to your Birthday, your birthday cake candles are giving us so much warmth to counter this chilling cold. Thanks again and Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, dear. Another birthday means one step closer to the end of life.

You hate your birthday because you’re getting older and peoples are gifting you scary cards with spooky messages and you’re getting older. Happy Bday funny wishes are only for you my friend.

The cake looks very little for those plenty of candles.

Happy Birthday to my old friend. May God bless you with a brand new disease and I come to take care of you!

You’re such a person who always reminds me the memories of my old days. I have never found a funny, smart and good looking person than you. Thank you for being with me.

Some Great Free Funny Happy Birthday Images For Him and Her

With emerging technology, people use funny happy birthday images to wish there loved one on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, or any other social media. Bday Funny pictures or funny birthday memes are the things that everyone loves whether it’s your mom, dad, sister, brother, friends or your girlfriend/boyfriend. Everyone enjoy them for sure. Here are some free funny happy birthday photos for you to send!

funny tom cat birthday wish
Smile only until teeth are visible. Happy Birthday
funny birthday meme
funny voldemort birthday wish
Happy birthday I nose it will be good
birthday greeting from dog
Do I smell birthday cake?
funny minion birthday wish
Birthdays are good for your health. Studies have shown that people who have more birthdays live longer.
cat smells like birthday cake
It smells like Birthday Cake!!!
legends birthday wishes
I don’t always say happy birthday But when I do, it’s only to a legend
old man birthday meme wishes
Happy Birthday Hope its pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty Good
funny happy birthday wishes to her
Happy Birthday Gorgeous May your birthday cake me moist!
stevie wonder funny birthday meme
I know i wont see you But happy birthday
yo dawg birthday meme
bill murray wishes happy birthday
This is me wishing you a Bill Murray kind of Birthday
dr evil wishing birthday to her
Happy Birthday to a very “SPECIAL” Lady
johnny depp birthday wishes to her
funny birthday pictures
funnt birthday memes
Happy Birthday, Bro. Looking forward to the cake.
nigga bite birthday memes
Megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, Nigga bite. Happy Birthday
birthday meme for dog lovers
I just wanted to eat but you lit my food on fire.
say cheese
Happy Birthday, Tiger!
let the world burn
They didn’t make me a birthday meme. I didn’t call the fire brigade.
birthday meme from richard simmons
Happy Birthday, you sexy beast.
birthday meme for dad
I found an old baby photo of you dad. Happy Birthday!!!
funny birthday memes
alcoholic birthday meme
I’m not an alcoholic, I only drink two times a year. On my birthday, and when it’s not my birthday.