Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister – Birthday Quotes and Messages 4 Sis

A brother and a sister relation is the most complicated relationship in the world. One moment there is love and very next moment they are each other’s greatest rival, that’s what it makes a love-hate relation. She is like a best friend whom you can trust blindly and she is always with you in every up and down of life. You never have to say anything, the elder sister always understands what you are trying to say. When you say “Happy Birthday” to your sister, it doesn’t justify your love and care for this sweet relation. Plan party, invite all of her friends. On her birthday a present is just not enough, you should do little DIY things and create a special greeting card with a sweet wish. It’s all easy but for many people writing a wish is the world most difficult task as they are not good and tongue-tied when giving the right words to the right emotions. We care for your precious relation and have collected some funny and inspirational Birthday Wishes for Sister which are ready to share as a text message.

  • “Sis, no other person could ever hold a candle to you, because you’re too hot to handle!”
  • “I know this day won’t be as perfect as you’re, but I hope it comes close. I love you with all my heart.”
  • “You’re my cute and loving sister. For you every day I find plenty of reasons to be delighted.”
  • “Sometimes you drive me crazy, but still, you remain my lovely lil sis.”
  • “I am so blessed I thought I might give an award, but I hope you’ve an amazing day anyway!”

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Birthday Wishes for Sister | Best MessagesHappy Birthday Wishes for Sister

You’re the best sis ever! Enjoy your special day to the fullest.

Here’s to the cutest, sweetest and the most perfect sister around!

Sis, I’ve discovered that I do not need coffee when I’ve such an adorable and energetic younger sis to pep me up.

a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.

To my gorgeous little sis. I want to thank you for being my best friend as well.

With the sun shining and birds singing to match the smile on your face, I send my wishes to my dear sis.

Your bday is a day I should celebrate because that day is the day when God gave me the greatest gift – you were born.

Everything in our lives matches so perfectly that our sibling relationship could be the world’s most perfect rhyme.

I may have gotten all the guys, but you definitely got the smarts.

If we needed nicknames and were swimming in the ocean, I would call you a starfish because you are a star sis!

To the most adorable, loving, genuine and beautiful person I know.

Dang your're so lucky!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister

An elder sister is the closest person to you. Having a sister is the most beautiful feeling in the world and life feels completed. If she has a great sense of humor then you should wish her a funny birthday wish and let her roll with laughter on the floor.

for Elder Sis

You are the most special sister… because we are the same size and so I’ve double the wardrobe!

My gift to you is pretending that you are actually the favorite child.

You aren’t just my sis – you are my crazy best friend, a cup of awesomeness, drinking buddy, and you deserve a huge birthday cake – to share!

You're funny, kind and special (ok, and slightly mad!)

Congratulations, sis! You have had me as a sibling for how many years now?! I have lost count…

I know that if I am ever in trouble I can always call you – because the only thing crazier than me is my sister!

Let’s have fun pretending we are good girls in front of our parents. But as soon as their gone, we’re going crazy for your bday!

to my fabulous sis!

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Younger Sister

Remember those time when your sister’s words bought a smile on your face and you’re heartfelt when you were having a bad day. Now, it’s the time to return the favor as a birthday present with a wish that will bring tears of happiness and smile on her face. Below we have posted some emotional HBD sayings for the younger sis to let her know how much you loved her.

for Younger Sis

On this special day, let me wish you good luck, lots of love,  joy and happiness. In one word, I wish you an amazing life.

There are so many important things that I’ve learnt from you sis. You are my mentor!

We are a great pair because we always look gorgeous in our photos sis!

Your simple words can bring smile on my face, can keep me laughing always. Stay Blessed.

Funny Birthday Quotes for Your Sister

Congratulations on being a year mature, cuter and wiser sis.

Dive into the ocean of happiness, joy and love, you deserve to be happy!

Thanks for being in my life, you’re my beacon in the darkness, which always illuminates my way home.

You are great at everything you do. And I am great at being the brother you wish you never had.

Did I just wish to myself? Anyway...

Sentimental Birthday Greetings for Sister

We grew up together and I cannot help but be thankful for everything you did.

You’re still the one person I want to talk to first when something happens in my life, sis.

I pray to the Lord that you may get all the wealth, joy and happiness of the world. Happy Birthday Sister!

Let all wonderful emotions you will experience today will surround you for the whole life.

My little bee, My sunny day, My rose champagne, My best friend.

Birthday Messages for Younger Sister

Today my little sis became older. I wish you to stay always optimistic and happy and save your childish spontaneity forever.

My little girl today became mature. I cannot believe that you became a wonderful young woman. You will always have a place in my heart.

a person who knows you inside and out. Yes, it sounds like you.

Birthday Poems for Your Sister

“A piece of my heart”

A piece of my heart
A pillar of the family
A portion of my life
Literally, a slice of me
Not just a sister
My BFF, my bestie
You’ve always been
And you’ll always be.

“A Sis like you in life”

I don’t need anyone in life
When you’re there besides me
I don’t need anyone in life
When I’ve your loving company
I don’t need anyone in life
When sis I’ve you in my life
My reason for smile all the way
My strength to have my say
This is for a lovely sister that I’ve in you
Yes you’re truly one in few
A loving sister like you.

“Today you are the sun”

Today you are the sun and the
world revolves around you
Because it is your birthday and I
hope it is as special as you
Since I cannot be there with you,
remember the fun we had on past birthdays
I wish you a wonderful birthday today.

Today you are the sun and the world revolves around you

16th Birthday Wishes for Your Sister

Forget the problems, Forget to be depressed. Today is 16th Bday and we’ll celebrate all day sis.

Wishing you the sweetest day a 16-year-old girl could ever ask for. Happy Birthday Sister!

May your 16th year in this world brings more wisdom and hope. May all the prayers and wishes come true.

Before this day, you were just another teenager. Now that you’ve turned 16, I cannot believe how more mature person you’re now.

18th Birthday Wishes for Sister

You are only 18 but you’ve gained so many achievements already and I could not be prouder of you sis.

I wish you more happiness and fun together with trusted and good friends. May your 18th birthday filled with love.

Hurray! Now you are 18! You are now entering the portal to adulthood. Chill, Relax, have fun and enjoy.

Oh yes! You are 18! Welcome to maturity! In other words… old girl!

20th Birthday Wishes for My Sister

Being 20 is one of the most exciting chapters in a person’s life. I hope you realize how lucky you’re and enjoy this special day with happiness.

Since turning 20 only happens once in a lifetime, we shall celebrate this day like nobody’s business. Put your party shoes on because we’re going to party all night long in celebration of you!

Wishing a fabulously 20th birthday to a phenomenal sister. It’s a great honor being your brother.

On your 20th bday celebration, I pray that God will give you a big bank account and a very slim body.

21st Birthday Wishes for Sister

I can’t believe you are 21! I strongly ask for a recount! There must be some mistake somewhere!

Wishing an ecstatic birthday to my wonderful sister who turns 21 today. I wish you a prosperous and fulfilling life as a 21-year-old.

Wishing you a fabulous and happy life accompanied by good luck. Enjoy your 21st Birthday.

Dear sister, I want to congratulate you on another year of still being alive. Happy 21st Bday.

30th Birthday Wishes for My Sister

Turning 30: You are legally old enough to trash a rental car and five years from a mid-life crisis.

This is the 3rd decade bday celebration for yourself!

30 blissful years abounding in happiness I pray it will double each year Stay blessed and be merry.

Do not worry about turning 30 today. In the world of Scrabble, 30 is only just 12.